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About us and Mission Statement

CCC Training, Tactics and Consulting was created to provide top-notch, INDIVIDUALIZED firearms and tactics training to Civilians, Law Enforcement and Military/Contractors.

Every class is designed to maximize the hands-on experience and teaching opportunities only derived from very small classes. Our average class size is 4, with a normal maximum of 6. On occasion, or if there is need to train a group or team, we can accommodate up to 12.

We also offer individual and pair/couple instruction. Please see services page for details.

David Polsley is the Owner and Instructor and believes in constantly improving his own skills and therefore attends classes with many different instructors around the State and Country. This constant training and learning is passed on to his students and classes. AND you will never have a class with someone else. Dave IS CCC training, Tactics and Communication. In some larger classes, assistants will be present to provide Safety and observation only. All in-class and on-range teaching and instruction is done by Dave.

We also have special pricing for Disabled Veteran and Disabled Law Enforcement personnel. Please see our Specials page for details!

With over 20 years of Firearms experience ranging from .22short rifles to 120mm recoil-less rifles, Dave has been an avid student of firearms, tactics and ballistics/ammunition for most of his life. With all of the TV and Magazine "information" available to the general public, the need for actual training is even more essential than ever. Some of this information is very good, while some will get a user killed in a gun fight. To alleviate this discrepancy, CCCTTC was formed.

There are no "Systems" or "Modes" of training at CCC. Just time and action proven techniques and tactics designed to give the student and user the best opportunity to survive an armed encounter.

From first time gun owners to elite First Response teams to elite military teams, all levels of skill are welcomed to participate in the training provided by CCC.

Please see our Services page to get a brief look at our offerings in firearms classes.

In addition to firearms training, Consulting services are offered as well. From firearm and ammunition selection for first-time users to departmental considerations, Dave's experience and "no-BS" approach to REAL information vs advertisement and hype and long-held dogmatic positions are brought to the fore.
Court or deposition requirements are considered on a case-by-case basis and we more than welcome your inquiry on these matters as well.

Please see the rest of the site and email or phone us with any questions you may have!

We look forward to serving you and your training needs!

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